Society of Toxicology of Canada

Society for the Study of Reproduction


PhD, Reproductive Physiology, University of Guelph


Dr. Mike Wade, PhD

Research Scientist, Male Reproductive and Endocrine Toxicology

Environmental Health Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Environmental influences on reproduction, development of the male reproductive tract, spermatogenesis, sperm maturation and function

Developmental effects of thyroid hormone toxicity

Testing Methodologies for detection of endocrine disrupting substances

  •  Molecular basis of toxicity to germ cells
  • The molecular basis of neurodevelopmental delays due to hypothyroidism (with Dr. Carole Yauk, EOT and Dr. Tom Zoeller, U of Mass Amherst)
  • Development and validation of rapid in vivo methods to identify thyroid disrupting substances.
  • In Vitro assays to study chemically induced fat cell differentiation.


Member of the  Advisory Group on Endocrine Disrupters Testing & Assessment, Test Guidelines Program of the Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development.

Leader, Reproductive & Developmental Toxicology Laboratory, Hazard Identification Division


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