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Aviation Safety LetterTransport CanadaRead about safety issues related to aviation, aircraft technology, pilot training, flight hazards and accidents in this quarterly newsletter.
Canada Communicable Disease ReportPublic Health Agency of CanadaLink to a list of reports, organized by year of publication, on communicable diseases.
Climate Trends and Variations BulletinEnvironment CanadaExplore national and regional summaries of Canadian climate. Updated with seasonal and annual trends for temperature and precipitation.
Construction InnovationNational Research Council CanadaRead news on construction relating to recent research results, product evaluations, code developments and conference highlights in this online newsletter.
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CSSP ConnectDefence Research and Development CanadaRead about science and technology projects and activities conducted under the Canadian Safety and Security Program, which help Canada deal with natural disasters, major accidents, crime and terrorism.
The DailyStatistics CanadaKeep informed about all of the latest research at Statistics Canada, with coverage of topics such as natural resources, agriculture, geography, technology, the environment and more. Updated every weekday.
DimensionsNational Research Council CanadaDimensions highlights NRC research, development and technology-based innovation of interest to Canadians, and provides links to science information on the NRC website and other Internet sites.
Environmental Science NewsEnvironment CanadaThis is an information source for professionals with interests in environmental science, policy and management. It offers updates on scientific and technical topics of current interest, including emerging environmental concerns and environmental solutions developing in the lab and the field.
eTV's Green WheelsTransport CanadaWhat vehicle technologies are on the horizon? What kinds of partnerships are being developed to make advanced clean vehicle technologies available to Canadians? What's new with the eTV program? eTV's newsletter, Green Wheels, explores answers to these questions and more.
Feature ArticlesFisheries and Oceans CanadaLearn more about the sea and the creatures that live in it from this newsletter, with a new topic every two weeks. Stories include maps, pictures and details about the science of fisheries and oceans.
IDRC BulletinInternational Development Research CentreRead this monthly collection of news, features and research updates related to the International Development Research Centre and its mission to collaborate with researchers in the developing world.
Nature SceneCanadian Museum of NatureFind out what's going on behind-the-scenes at the Canadian Museum of Nature! Read about our scientific research, including new discoveries in both the field and the lab. Delve into our national collections and uncover amazing treasures. Frequency: Every three months.
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Science of agricultural innovationAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaArticles highlighting some recent Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientific discoveries, new technologies and successes.
Skygazing: Astronomy Through the SeasonsNational Research Council CanadaDiscover something new going on in the sky above you with Dr. Ken Tapping, an astronomer who shows you how to enjoy the beauty and mysteries of the heavens with nothing more than binoculars.