Accredited Professor - University of Ottawa and Certified Professor - Environmental Sciences Doctoral Program - ISE-UQAM

Specialized researcher member, Centre d'Étude Nordique (U. Laval) (2005-)

Member of the Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada (ArcticNet)- (2004-)


Réseau Environnement Award - Best scientific article: 1996

University grants (NSERC, FCAR, Desjardins research fund)

Post-doctoral grant (NSERC Canadian laboratory)


Laurier Poissant

Senior Scientific Researcher - specializing in the atmospheric processes of contaminants and interaction with environments.


Research on air-borne mercury and its interaction with northern, aquatic, land and plant environments; research on pesticide use in agricultural environments; research on the impact of greenhouse gases on St. Lawrence and Arctic ecosystems; contaminant fugacity (water, snow, air, soil, vegetation)

  • Bio-geo-chemical cycle of mercury in the Arctic
  • The ecosystemic dynamics of mercury (lake, estuarial, forest, wetland)
  • Pesticides in agricultural environments
  • The Arctic carbon cycle
  • Sediment-water-air-plant transfers of trace gases (mercury, H2, CH4, CO2)


Steering committee of POLARCAT (Polar Study using aircraft, remote sensing, surface measurements and models of climate, chemistry, aerosols and transport).

Editorial boards of scientific journals: The Science of the Total Environment; Atmospheric Environment; Environmental Science & Technology; Revue des Sciences de l'eau; Marine Chemistry; Chemosphere; Geophysical Research Letters; Ecotoxicology; Journal of Geophysical Research.

Member of the Editorial Board of the international journal: The Science of the Total Environment

Member of the Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada (ArcticNet)- (2004-)


Poissant L., P. Constant, M. Pilote, J. Ridal, J. Canário and D. Lean. 2007. The ebullition of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide and total gaseous mercury from the Cornwall Area of Concern. The Science of the Total Environment. 381: 256–262.

Poissant, L., M. Pilote, C. Beauvais, P. Constant and H.H. Zhang. 2005. A year of continuous measurements of three atmospheric mercury speciation (GEM, RGM and Hgp) in southern Quebec, Canada. Atmospheric Environment. 39(7):1275-1287.

Poissant L., M. Pilote, P. Constant, C. Beauvais, H. Zhang and X. Xu. 2004. Mercury gas exchanges over selected bare soil and flooded sites in the Bay St. François Wetlands (Québec, Canada). Atmospheric Environment. 38:4205-4214.

Poissant L., M. Pilote, X. Xu, H. Zhang and C. Beauvais. 2004. Atmospheric Mercury Speciation And Deposition In The Bay St. François Wetlands. Journal of Geophysical Research. 109, no. D11301, doi: 10.1029/2003JD004364.

Constant P., L. Poissant, R. Villemur, E. Yumvihoze and D. Lean. 2007. Fate of inorganic mercury and methyl mercury within the snow cover in the low arctic tundra on the shore of Hudson Bay (Québec, Canada). Journal of Geophysical Research. 112, D08309, doi:10.1029/2006JD007961.

Zhang H.H., L. Poissant, X. Xu, M. Pilote, C. Beauvais, M. Amyot, E. Garcia and J. Laroulandie. 2006. Air-water gas exchange of mercury in the Bay Saint François wetlands: Observation and model parameterization. Journal of Geophysical Research. Vol. 111, D17307.

Expertise Categories associated with this S&T Expert:

     Air Pollution & Quality
          Heavy metals
Arctic & Northern
          Atmospheric environment
Pollution & Waste
          Pesticides and herbicides