Greenspeak - Dr. Dave Stieb

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Dr. Dave Stieb
(Health Canada)
Many Canadians start their day by checking the air quality index to determine how much time they can spend outside and how physically active they can be.

So it’s important to get accurate information to people and this can have a significant impact on their health. It's also an important area of research for many scientists.

We used to think that air quality had improved so much over the past few decades that it no longer posed a risk to public health but we’ve since discovered that we can still detect adverse effects on health even down to low levels of exposure.

So it's an on-going challenge to translate new findings into information that people can use to understand the risks they face. And even though we have made lots of progress in controlling air pollution over the years, there’s still a danger that we could lose some of the ground that we’ve gained and our research is very important to understand what this could mean for public health.

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