Natural Resources and Agriculture

Recommended Links

  • Canada Agriculture Museum
    The virtual exhibition Bees: A Honey of an Idea explores the essential role bees play in the pollination of many Canadian food crops. Visit the exhibition to find out about different types of bees, life in the hive, beekeeping and pollination. Or try out recipes, crafts and activities all about bees.
  • Government of Canada
    Watch the video, then use the lesson plan in the classroom! These 20 Earthtones videos cover a wide variety of environmental topics - like alternative fuels, DDT, ice cores and wheat breeding - and each has a custom lesson plan.
  • Canada Agriculture Museum
    These online kits give you access to the Museum's programs from anywhere. Developed to complement and support our school programs, these free kits offer teachers, parents, caregivers, and other educators interesting educational activities for students from kindergarten through secondary school.
  • Canada Agriculture Museum
    Want to know where cows are raised? Where cranberries come from? Click on a picture and find out where in Canada your food is grown.
  • Canada Agriculture Museum
    Visit the virtual exhibition Food for Health to learn about food choices and their role in ensuring good health, as well as food safety and the impact of changing farming practices. The site includes Educational Activity kits for teachers, games and links to other web resources on food and nutrition.
  • Environment Canada
    Find lesson plans about water covering subjects like clean water, how water is used as a resource, water conservation and how climate change might affect water use.
  • Canada Agriculture Museum
    Discover life on the farm hands-on at the museum or in the classroom. Visit the Museum for an Education Program or download an Educational Activity Kit to explore seasonal cycles, farm technology at work, where our food comes from and much more.
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum
    Increase your awareness of the consequences of global warming. Explore common elements of weather, the greenhouse effect, and climate change. Discover what we can all do to slow down the production of greenhouse gases and the resulting environmental damage.