Our Outcomes

When making science and technology (S&T) investment decisions, the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) considers  initiatives that will contribute to delivering the greatest possible impact possible on a series of broad strategic level outcomes. All priorities, which are established within the context of these outcomes, are founded upon access to knowledge and expertise from a number of sources, including:

  • consultations with partners, stakeholders and practitioner communities;
  • all-hazards risk and capability gap assessments;
  • government safety and security policies; and
  • operational and regulatory imperatives . 

Primary Outcome

Canada is more resilient to global and domestic safety and security threats, including natural disasters, major accidents, crime and terrorism.

Strategic Outcomes

Economic confidence; System confidence; Public confidence
  1. Economic confidence: Canada’s economic vibrancy and sovereign integrity is maintained through resilient critical infrastructure and the efficient flow of people, goods and services across its border and ports of entry.

  2. System confidence: A robust, connected and multi-jurisdictional security/intelligence and national emergency management system is in place, providing an effective full-spectrum preventive, protective, responsive and adaptive capability of responders and systems from all-hazards.

  3. Public confidence: The public is confident that public security threats are being identified, assessed and addressed in a way that: keeps pace with the evolving nature of threats; reflects Canadian values; and maintains the integrity of both the criminal justice and national security systems.
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