Proposal Submission Checklists

5.1 Before Submitting the Proposal

Completion of this checklist ensures that the applicant has read and understood the NCP Proposal requirements.

  • Timeline for the NCP Call for Proposals and Review Process (Section 1.1)
  • Responsibilities of Applicants (Section 1.5)
  • Proposals and Budget Formats (Section 2
  • The objectives identified in the relevant Blueprint(s) for the current funding year.
  • Guidelines for Working with Northern Communities (Section 3.1)

5.2 Submitting the Proposal

  • Complete proposal packages must be submitted by email (maximum size: 10 MB) to the NCP Secretariat at using the following text as the Subject: NCP Proposal 2018-2019 - insert name of Project Leader. The proposal is consistent with the current proposal format as an MS-Word file, while Budget Tables 1 and 2 are prepared and submitted using the Excel-based templates. Please note, compressed files cannot be submitted.
  • All project team members identified in the proposal are to be copied on the email submission.
  • The budget information is appropriate, realistic, complete and correct.
  • The deadline for proposal submission is January 10, 2018, 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.

5.3 After Submitting the Proposal

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