The Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) Governance is comprised of the following groups:

  • Program Management Board
  • Steering Committee
  • Advisory Board

Program Management Board

The Program Management Board (PMB) provides the Steering Committee with input on the strategic orientation of the CSSP, reviews proposed projects selected for funding, and sets recommendations on future priorities.


The PMB consists of a core group of federal Directors General (DG) who are responsible for policy, operations, intelligence, and science and technology (S&T) within their departments and agencies. The co-chairs may invite additional federal DG-level representatives, or representatives from outside organizations, to attend meetings when specific agenda items call for it.

The PMB is co-chaired by the DG of Defence Research and Development Canada’s Centre for Security Science, Department of National Defence, and the DG of Policy and Outreach Directorate, Public Safety Canada.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee endorses CSSP’s strategic priorities, as well as CSSP project proposals recommended by the Program Management Board (PMB) for funding.

The Steering Committee also engages their respective communities on issues that inform the development of the CSSP.


The Steering Committee is co-chaired by the Department of National Defence’s Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology) and Public Safety Canada’s Assistant Deputy Minister, Emergency Management and Programs Branch.

The co-chairs may invite additional federal assistant deputy minister-level representatives, or representatives from outside organizations, to attend meetings when specific agenda items call for it.

Advisory Board

The CSSP Advisory Board provides strategic program advice to the Program Management Board (PMB) and Steering Committee.

In particular, the Advisory Board provides advice on:

  • public safety and security operational and policy requirements, and their science and technology (S&T) dimensions;
  • national and international public safety and security research and development; and
  • ways to optimize relationships with provinces and territories, industry, academia, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations that are active in the public safety and security domains.


The Advisory Board is comprised of a Chair with membership drawn from a broad range of non-federal public safety and security client and stakeholder groups (e.g. provinces and territories, emergency responder associations, industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations). Potential members are proposed by the PMB co-chairs and endorsed by the Steering Committee.

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