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Melissa Adragna, High School Student

I have always been curious about the world around me. As a young child, I would often create different inventions to solve what I perceived to be world problems….from homemade gadgets to help my mom with chores to the HMWK Bracelet for young children and children with special needs. I am fascinated by the world around me, and I always try to respond to it in a new and refreshing way. I am a grade 9 student, not entirely sure about my career path, but definitely interested in exploring different STEM possibilities. I am currently very fortunate to be working with a group of students under the mentorship of Dr. Brad Bass, Professor at the University of Toronto. This experience has allowed me to learn about the Prisoner’s Dilemma and its relevance to real world situations. I am currently working on a Prisoner’s Dilemma project using COBWEB, a simulation software, to examine whether the temptation of “agents” (people) is based on the reward system. This mentorship opportunity has really helped me to broaden my perspective and look at the world differently. Although there is still a great deal I have to learn about the world, I am truly excited about the adventure and how I, and other girls/women, can contribute to it!

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