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Defence Research and Development Canada’s Centre for Security Science - Regina (DRDC CSS Regina) is an integral part of the program delivery team that manages projects and activities under the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP). DRDC CSS Regina contributes to the Centre’s mandate to support the development of reliable scientific data for emergency responders, and other emergency, safety and security professionals, through projects and activities which aim to:

  • help guide decisions about what technologies to purchase;
  • maximize the effectiveness of technologies in responder operations; and
  • enhance the safety of the equipment's operators.

What does DRDC CSS Regina do?

DRDC CSS Regina works with partners from all levels of government, academia and industry to support emergency and security professionals in making decisions regarding the potential impact of emerging technologies that are currently in use or being explored for possible implementation. Projects and activities, which are conducted through the DRDC CSS Regina's own in-house capabilities or using partners's facilities, aim to:

  • assess the effectiveness and potential limits of technologies, while examining associated standards, processes and methodologies;
  • assess performance and training requirements that allow systems and technologies to be tested in simulated environments that replicate real-world situations; and
  • assess new and emerging technologies that pose a threat to operations in order to provide information and advice to the responder community that will assist them in protecting themselves and the public.

Benefits of testing and evaluating new technologies

  • provides valuable information to help define or create performance, training and standards requirements;
  • helps determine if the technology has the potential to enhance operations;
  • helps identify any unforeseen capability gaps; and
  • provides manufacturers with end-user feedback that can help shape the development of future versions of emerging technologies.

Understanding how technologies work in different operational settings is critical. It is essential that emergency responders and other public safety and security practitioners understand the effectiveness and potential limits of the tools they use in order to conduct safe and effective operations.

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