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Make invisible ink


Speaker 1: Hey guys!

Speaker 2: Hey guys!

Speaker 1: We're here with the Team to bring new cool and exciting science experiments that you and your friends can try at home. These activities can be found online in our seven activity books. Today, we'll be looking at an acids and base reaction by making invisible ink, so let's get in our element with chemistry.

Speaker 2: Invisible ink is used to write hidden messages that are undetectable to the human eye. Discover your inner secret agent by creating and revealing your own hidden message with this fun and simple chemistry experiment.

For this experiment, you're going to need water, grape juice, toothpicks or any other writing utensil, baking soda, a spoon and paper.

Speaker 1: So, to get started, what you're going to want to do is add equal parts baking soda to water. Make sure that the baking soda dissolves well into the water, so that it's not powdery anymore.

Dip the toothpick, cotton swab or other writing utensil into the ink. Write a message on the paper.

Allow the ink to completely dry until it's invisible. Paint over the paper with purple grape juice to reveal your message.

Speaker 2: So, that's all the time we have for today, but we hope you learned some cool things about how to create hidden messages with acids and bases. If you liked the video, be sure to give it a thumb's up and share it with all of your friends. Stay tuned for our next experiment with and thanks for watching.

Speaker 1: Bye guys.

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