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Access to real-time forecasts

Operational daily forecast for the global oceans by the Global Ice Ocean Prediction System (GIOPS) and regional ice and ocean operational forecasts from the Regional Ice Ocean Prediction System (RIOPS) covering the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans are available online. Forecasts from fully-coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean prediction systems for the Gulf of St. Lawrence is also available on the public server ( ). Additional information can also be found on the Meteorological Service of Canada website. See the other applications listed below:

Geospatial Web Services
Allows users to utilize visualization applications (e.g. Google Earth) to explore forecasts of oceanographic data. Use the GeoMet service for CONCEPTS data.

Third-party websites
Third-party websites have been developed that allow user-defined or predefined geographic areas displaying layers of forecast oceanographic and sea ice data, including, sea temperature, current and ice (e.g. concentration, thickness and drift). These data can be displayed together with other data sources.

Forecast Images
The static images and animations are produced from daily analyses and forecasts from GIOPS and are available for the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Regions. Images are produced for temperature, salinity, currents and sea ice concentration.

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