Research and science collaboration in the Government of Canada. Stories, people, funding, educational resources, evidence-based decision making, research facilities and more.

Science and research stories

Federal science and research

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Federal Open Science Repository of Canada
Access the federal repository of scientific articles and publications from participating science-based departments and agencies.

Office of the Chief Science Advisor

Dr. Mona Nemer is Canada’s Chief Science Advisor. Priorities include making government science available, ensuring government scientists can speak freely and promoting evidence-based decision making.

Directory of scientists and professionals

Access the consolidated directory of more than 1700 scientists and research professionals from 20 government institutions.

Research facilities

Learn about government research centres across the country and find out about opportunities to partner with and access these facilities for your research.

Laboratories Canada
Laboratories Canada is a whole-of-government 25-year strategy designed to further strengthen collaboration across federal science institutions, and with academia, international partners and Canadians.

Collaborative research and funding

Interagency research funding

Interagency research funding
Learn about collaboration between Canada’s research funding agencies and access information on funding programs for your research.

Safeguarding your research
Guidance, information and tools to help Canadian researchers protect their research and intellectual property.

Get involved

Citizen Science Portal
Find out about science projects and experiments in your community that you can get involved in.

Educational Resources
Find science activities, lesson plans, videos and more to help children and teens learn about science and technology.

Careers in Science
Learn about science-based career opportunities in the federal government for students and science professionals.


AAFC’s Agricultural Innovations (Volume VI)

AAFC’s Agricultural Innovations (Volume VI) – Now Available!
Every year since 2017, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has published this collection of some of our top research successes. You can now find it on the Government of Canada Publications website

Artemis II: Destination Moon

Artemis II: Destination Moon
Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen will be part of Artemis II, the first crewed mission to the Moon since 1972.

Call to action: Canadian Industry for Ukraine
Canada strongly condemns the unprovoked and unjustifiable actions taken by Vladimir Putin against Ukraine and its people.