Get involved

Everyone has a role to play in protecting Canada’s plant resources.

Here’s what you can do

  • Know what grows and lives locally. Learn about Canada’s plant pests and invasive species at and report plant pests to the CFIA through or on social media @InspectionCan. Let CFIA know what you found and where, and include a photo or sample if you can.

  • If you’re a gardener, plant native species instead of exotic or invasive species. Look for the “Grow Me Instead” campaign in several provinces.

  • Buy local and burn local: Insects hide in firewood and when you move it, you give invasive species a free ride. If you’re a camper or use wood for heating, buy and burn local or heat-treated firewood, so that invasive insects hiding under the bark are not spread to new parts of the country.

  • If you travel, always declare food, plants, soil and seeds at the border. You might think these items are harmless, but they can carry pests that can damage Canada’s plants.

  • If you buy or sell plants, seeds or other material, know where they’re from. The same rules apply whether you’re importing or exporting online or through other means.

Help promote the International Year of Plant Health 2020

  • Encourage youth to take action. If you’re a teacher or youth program leader, include the topic of plant health in your lesson plans by using our youth activity booklet. The United Nations IYPH 2020 list of publications includes an issue of the Children’s Activity Book series with educational tools for teachers, students and anyone who wishes to learn more about plant health. It is currently under development and will be released in early 2020.

  • Help spread the word about the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) and the importance of plant protection by getting involved in the #PlantHealth and #IYPH2020 conversations on social media.

  • Include the International Year of Plant Health key messages in your communications products, seminars, presentations, etc.

  • Take part in the IYPH 2020 photo contest. Winning photos could be showcased on the United Nation’s IYPH 2020 website and exhibited at their headquarters and at events around the world. The contest will be open to all photographers – professional and amateur – over the age of 18. Contest entry details are available here!

Youth activity booklets

Kids can be plant health heroes too!

In this fun and interactive booklet, kids will learn about things like how to help protect Canada's amazing natural resources, what a plant health villain is, and who Canada's first plant health heroes are.

Plant health hero activity book – ages 5-8
Plant health hero activity book – ages 9-12