Ocean S&T Spotlight - July 2019

Oceans Outlook

The inaugural Oceans Outlook event took place on June 6th as the opening morning of H2O: Home to Overseas 2019, which attracted over 400 delegates to Halifax, NS. The full H2O event spanned 3 days and also included live on-water demos and opening reception at COVE, panel discussions and presentations, an industry showcase, and the annual Ocean Gala.

The Oceans Outlook included presentations (available on the ORCA Platform) by DFO, CCG, NRCan, TC, NRC, DRDC, ISC and IDEaS on their ocean technology needs, as well as a panel discussion on public-private-academic partnerships and collaboration opportunities. The Outlook was very well-received by the attendees and was recognized as having the potential to be a pivotal annual event.

Preliminary planning is beginning for Oceans Outlook 2020, to be held as a full day event in June 2020, at H2O. Several working groups will be set up to formalize activities going forward, and ensure alignment in the intentions of the Outlook and the content for next year. More information on that planning coming soon.

Help us to shape this event for 2020! If you attended Oceans Outlook, please send us your feedback. We are also looking to the community for input on what we should be considering for 2020, interest in participating in the planning working groups, and questions from those wanting to engage or learn more. Getinvolved and send your input to the ORCA Secretariat.

ORCA Website Photo Contest

Did you know? ORCA is creating a shiny new website that will better support collaboration among members of the ocean S&T Community? This new site will be full of useful apps and content so that you can easily connect with your peers and quickly find the information you need. We want to include your ideas and content in the development process for this new website…including photos!

  • Let’s populate the new ORCA website with amazing ocean S&T photos taken by our members. Show off your ocean work and your photographic talent by entering the contest!

  • An ORCA prize will be awarded to the best photo in each of these categories:
    • Categories
    • Ocean Scientists at Sea
    • Wonderful Ocean Life
    • Ocean Science is Fun!
    • Fancy Ocean Tech
    • Two-eyed Seeing Ocean

  • Find the photo guidelines and submission details here. Contest ends September 1st.

ORCA at the CSPC 2019

An ORCA community meeting is being planned on the margins of the Canadian Science Policy Conference 2019 on November 13th in Ottawa. This meeting will include discussions and activities around several ORCA Challenge Areas, including Science in Support of Public Policy, Regulation and Decision Making (Challenge Area 3). As always, we are happy to receive suggestions for programming that would be helpful in advancing your collaborative work — just drop the Secretariat a line. Keep an eye on our website for registration info.


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