1) The Basics


Welcome to the Oceans Research in Canada Alliance community platform for facilitating collaboration and communication. This supportive tool, based on a SharePoint 2013 platform, is community owned and community driven. Its purpose is to provide the ORCA community with online space to share information, coordinate activities and identify collaborative opportunities.

This series of short training videos are intended to provide users with a brief introduction to the various applications of the community platform, and to demonstrate some common functions.

All users must adhere to the ORCA SharePoint code of conduct, which can be accessed from the home page (see section called “Links”). For user support, please contact the ORCA Secretariat.

Please open your web browser and navigate to the ORCA community platform home page on SharePoint: https://stcc.drdc-rddc.gc.ca/opc/orca/SitePages/Home.aspx

Log in using your log in name (email address) and password.

We will now proceed to the first training session: 1) The Basics.

1) The Basics

Navigating the ORCA Community Platform

This is the home page of the ORCA Community Platform. You can see that it has a title bar, as well as a navigation bar on the left side. This bar is static and contains all site content, for easy navigation. Click on one of the links in the navigation bar to navigate to a site application.

Click on the “Home” link or on the ORCA-AROC logo at the top of the navigation bar to navigate back to the home page.

Images and links displayed on the home page are intended to highlight existing content on the site. The home page is customizable and changes frequently. Some items will always be present, such as the important Links section and the Announcements section.


Mousing over the page , you will find a variety of embedded clickable links. Every link is unique, and so you can right click on it, and choose “copy shortcut” to copy the link. This link can be pasted into documents, emails etc, and anyone with access to the platform can then click this link and navigate instantly to the same place. It saves a lot of digging and helps you direct your colleagues more quickly to items of interest. The Secretariat will often provide you with links to content on the platform, instead of sending you attachments.


Click on the Announcements section. This section is intended as the communication tool of the ORCA Secretariat and Council out to community members. It is your way of finding out what is up, without the mass emails. Click on the latest announcement for details. Check this section often to be sure to stay in the loop on important ORCA initiatives, communications, new applications, upcoming meetings, etc.

If you do not visit the site often, you can set up an Alert to notify you when a new announcement is posted. Click on the “List” menu at the top of the page and select “Alert me”. Click “home” to navigate back to the home page.


At the top of the home page , you will see your login name. Click to open this menu. This menu allows you to manage your account, change your password and toggle the languages. Choosing “Français” will present the French interface, but will not automatically translate all content. We encourage users to communicate in the official language of their choice when using the platform, and also to maximize the bilingual content they include.


In the upper right corner of the page, you can see a search field . This function will perform keyword searches of the content on the ORCA Collaboration Platform, including documents, events from the calendar, contact names, etc. Type in “40 Priority” and click the search button. The first entry that appears is a document from the library on the 40 priority research questions for Canadian ocean science.

This covers the basics of the ORCA Community Platform. The second mini-training session is about using the platform to make connections in your work.