3) Engaging on Ocean Science and Technology – Regionally, Nationally and Internationally


Welcome to the Oceans Research in Canada Alliance community platform for facilitating collaboration and communication. This series of short training videos are intended to provide users with a brief introduction to the various applications of the community platform, and to demonstrate some common functions. Open your web browser and navigate to the ORCA SharePoint platform to follow along.

This is Training Session 3: Engaging on Ocean Science and Technology regionally, nationally and internationally.

If you would like to participate in meetings, workshops and conferences relating to ocean S&T, or to let the community know that you are hosting an event, the community Calendar of Events can help with that.

Community Calendar of Events in Ocean Science and Technology

Scrolling down to the bottom of the home page, you can see the Calendar. Click on it . In addition to ORCA-related events, community members can use this calendar to highlight other important ocean S&T events in Canada and internationally. Any relevant events can be recorded here, in a central community calendar.

Mouse over an existing event and click on the title. You will see all of the details of the event, including title, dates, websites etc. A new field has been added called “Debrief” . If you attended this event, you can add a brief description of key take home messages and outcomes that may be relevant to the ORCA community. This will help create a record of our engagement on ocean S&T. Click “cancel” to return to the calendar.

To create a new event, mouse over an open day . The link to “Add” appears. Click it. Include information about the event that you would like to create. In the top right corner, click “Save”.

This concludes the portion of the ORCA Community Platform training on engagement. The fourth mini-training session is about finding partners and identifying opportunities for collaboration.