4) Finding Partners and identifying opportunities


Welcome to the Oceans Research in Canada Alliance community platform for facilitating collaboration and communication. This series of short training videos are intended to provide users with a brief introduction to the various applications of the community platform, and to demonstrate some common functions. Open your web browser and navigate to the ORCA SharePoint platform to follow along.

This is Training Session 4: Finding Partners and Identifying Opportunities

If you would like to find ocean science and technology partners and identify opportunities for collaboration, the Partnership Wiki application can help with that.

Partnership Wiki

Scroll down on the home page and click on the Partnership Wiki. The Partnership Wiki acts as a community notice board for ocean S&T. Its primary purpose is to facilitate community members’ finding partners and identifying opportunities for collaboration. It can be used to locate panelists for an upcoming meeting, find a colleague who may have data to share on a particular area, announce an opening for a post-doc in your lab, etc. But please remember that the Partnership Wiki is not for commercial advertising.

In the existing example, you can see that you can post images, and includes links both to external websites as well as other content from the ORCA community platform (i.e. documents, contacts, organizations, etc).

To create a new entry, click “new item” at the top of the page. Include a brief title, and then include your full notice in the “Partnership Opportunity” box. You can insert images and links by using the “insert” menu at the top of the page. Be sure to include a brief entry in the “looking for…” field, and include organizations it relates to, as well as a deadline for responses. Click “save” when you are finished, and it will appear on the home page.

Let’s check to make sure: click “home” and there it is.

This concludes the portion of the ORCA Community Platform training on finding partners and identifying opportunities. The fifth mini-training session is about ways to facilitate active collaboration.