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The Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) funds and oversees science and technology (S&T) projects and activities through three funding mechanisms and five project types. These projects allow public safety and security stakeholders to work with S&T experts to identify challenges, contribute new knowledge, develop tools, and provide advice that will help protect Canada, its people, and infrastructure.

Funding Mechanisms

Calls for Proposals - an open invitation to government, industry, and academia to submit project proposals for innovative S&T solutions to address identified risks, vulnerabilities and gaps in public safety and security capabilities. The CSSP Call for Proposals process is managed through Public Services and Procurement Canada’s tender notices process. A bidder’s guidebook is issued for each CSSP Call for Proposals to provide candidates with information on submission requirements, deadlines and evaluation criteria.

Current Challenges:

The Canadian Safety and Security Program’s (CSSP’s) 6th call for proposals is now closed. The call is looking to mitigate the effects of future, high impact low frequency events such as pandemics, natural disasters, or other man made or natural disruptive forces. Understanding the impacts and possible preparedness and mitigations of these large scale events will help enhance our resilience in a post-pandemic world. Reducing societal and economic impacts through innovations that bolster the security of critical supply chains, and develops confidence in automation and virtual operations will also support our resiliency.

S&T Challenges – 2021

Click here for an overview of past projects funded by this mechanism through the CSSP Call for Proposals

Targeted Investments - an internal mechanism that allows Defence Research and Development Canada’s Centre for Security Science (DRDC CSS) to directly fund projects and activities that tackle critical gaps otherwise not addressed through the CSSP Call for Proposals. DRDC CSS works with partners to identify potential targeted investment projects that are in line with defined program priorities and known capability gaps in various public safety and security domains. Targeted investment proposals undergo a formal internal evaluation process which takes several factors into consideration, including the need to balance investments across the different domains.

Click here for an overview of past projects funded through the Targeted Investments funding mechanism.

Technology Acquisitions - an internal mechanism that provides funding for the strategic acquisition of equipment and technologies that enhance federal S&T capabilities for public safety and security.

Types of Projects

Studies: evidence-based examinations or analyses to address known public safety or security issues, define problems or propose options that require investigation.

Concepts: a more in-depth analysis of the issues and solution options than studies. Typically, these include an analysis of problems as well as potential solutions taking into account technological, operational, environmental, policy, governance, and regulatory aspects where applicable.

Research and Development: applied research in scientific or technological fields that may generate new knowledge or awareness while addressing user-defined capability gaps.

Technology Demonstrations: advance the maturity of a technology, application or capability by embedding S&T in an operational context. These projects foster collaboration between operational and S&T communities.

Technology Pilots: implementation of a known solution on a small-scale to evaluate its full impact, strengths and weaknesses prior to full implementation. These projects are sometimes referred to as feasibility studies or experimental trials.

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