Candice Didychuk

My name is Candice Didychuk I am a research scientist at CNL. I work in the area of internal dosimetry research. I am looking at the solubility of biokinetics of different contamination hazards that our workers could be exposed to. Second, is preclinical studies towards some of the targeted alpha therapy research that is being performed at CNL, where I am basically evaluating those entities in the body and determining the dosimetry and the efficiency at targeting tumor sites and treatment of the disease.

Okay, so what would you say to aspiring young women considering a career in the STEM fields? I think I'd say the same thing as I would to anybody else. To me, I feel there's a bit of a misconception that there is less women than men in the field of science. Just based on my experience, I feel like there are way more women especially in my area of work than there are men. So, to me there's a bit of a disconnect there. So I would say just follow what you are interested in and if you do not know exactly what that might be yet, if you don't have an end idea in site it will come. It wasn't until I was into my University years that I kind of started to narrow in on what I truly wanted to do.

What is your favorite part of working at CNL? The first is my team. I work with a lot of great research scientists as well as technologists. The second thing is location and then the third thing would be the opportunities. So, I am a research scientist and there's specific things that I do daily, but there's also endless opportunities to branch out to do different things here. If someone choose to do that, as well.


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