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The 2022 Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) call for proposals is now closed. Read about projects CSSP has funded through previous calls for proposals.

About the application process

Calls for proposals are launched by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). Science and technology challenges are posted on CanadaBuys.

Proposals are developed and submitted by partners with an identified lead government department. The lead government department may be federal, provincial, territorial, municipal or Indigenous. Partners may include industry and academia.

Project implementation

Once projects are approved, they are initiated through the lead government department. A project charter is developed that outlines project objectives, schedule and partner responsibilities. Charter signatories include those receiving CSSP funds or offering in-kind support.

CSSP either transfers funds to a lead government department who manages contractual work following PSPC procurement guidelines or Defence Research and Development Canada Centre for Security Science may lead the project.

The lead government department is responsible for financial status reporting and hosts an annual project review committee meeting to track deliverables. The lead government department also hosts a project completion committee meeting and coordinates a final report on research and development deliverables as outlined in the charter.

CSSP shares results and outputs.