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Updated 2018-2019 Timeline

Timeline 2018-2019. Text version below.

Stakeholder Engagement/Consultation with Grant Recipients at Pilot Administering Institutions – Outcomes

Representatives from the Tri-Agency visited each of the twelve pilot administering institutions in order to gather feedback from grant recipients in regards to the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Initiative (the Initiative) and, to discuss the upcoming pilot with institutional representatives. During the engagement/consultation sessions, grant recipients were encouraged to share with the Tri-Agency any comments and/or concerns they had in regards to the Initiative. These sessions, along with the meetings with the institutional representatives, provided the Tri-Agency with a wealth of information that was used to further improve the different areas of the Initiative, which in turn, would benefit all grant recipients in the near future.

Launch of pilot and ongoing discussions with pilot administering institutions

The pilot of the Initiative officially launched in November 2018. A draft copy of the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide (the Guide) was shared with the twelve pilot administering institutions in order to help gauge the feasibility of the new Guide.

As collaboration between the Tri-Agency and the pilot administering institutions is a key component to the success of the pilot, bi-weekly teleconference meetings are being held to discuss various topics, as well as, provide an open forum where pilot administering institutions can bring up any issues they may encounter while implementing the new Guide. In addition, pilot administering institutions have been contributing to the ongoing improvement of the new Guide by submitting to the Tri-Agency any questions they have received from their grant recipients and other relevant stakeholders.

In order to assist with engaging the pilot administering institutions, the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) has been working with the institutions to collect valuable feedback to help further improve the new principle-based Guide, as well as, develop best practices to support the Guide.

Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) 2019 Annual Conference and the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) 2019 Annual Conference.

Representatives from the Tri-Agency will be participating at the CARA 2019 Annual Conference being held in Montreal, QC from May 26th to May 29th, 2019 and, at the CAUBO 2019 Annual Conference being held in Halifax, NS from June 9th to June 11th, 2019. Information regarding Tri-Agency participation will be provided on the respective conference websites.

Finalizing the Guide and anticipated launch of the Guide

The Tri-Agency will be finalizing the Guide in summer 2019 and anticipates launching the Guide to the research community in early fall. Discussions are currently underway to determine the best method to launch the Guide. Details regarding the launch will be provided via the Science.gc.ca website, CARA and CAUBO as information becomes available.

Financial Monitoring Framework

As part of the Tri-Agency Financial Administrative Initiative, the Tri-Agency has been working on developing a new Financial Monitoring Framework (Framework). The new Framework will focus on striking a balance between the prudent management of public funds and the ongoing development of partner relationships with institutions who administer grant funds on behalf of the Tri-Agency. The Tri-Agency anticipates piloting the new Framework with the administering institutions currently participating in the pilot beginning in the fall.

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