Laboratories Canada

Laboratories Canada


The Laboratories Canada strategy is creating world class, innovative and collaborative science research centres across the nation and will position Canada at the forefront of new discoveries, spark innovative ways of doing research and deliver on research priorities for Canadians.


  • Transcript

    [Music Starts]

    [A white background with light purple graphic elements of science and Canada appear on screen.]

    [Images of laboratory beakers with red liquid bubble beside the words.]

    (Text on screen: The Government of Canada is leading a 25-year strategy that will strengthen federal science by investing in leading-edge research facilities)

    [Image of blue circuits animate around the words spreading away from a microchip shape.]

    (Text on screen: With modernized IM/IT systems.)

    [Laboratory beakers, test tubes and a modern looking computer slide from the side into the centre of the screen below the words.]

    (Text on screen: Greater access to common tools)

    [Road barriers images appear in the centre of the screen; they drop to reveal words.]

    (Text on screen: Reduce barriers to science and technology.)

    [Images of different shapes swirl to the left of the words that form into the shape of an eye with a magnifying glass]

    (Text on screen: Laboratories Canada will meet the changing needs of scientific research.)

    [Background changes to a video clip of a security panel in a lab.]

    (Text on screen: The first phase of this strategy focuses on 5 priority areas.)

    [A shot of a lab technician swipes an access card and opens the lab door.]

    (Text on screen: Safety and regulation.)

    [Background changes to a hand in latex gloves holding a digital lab slide displaying technical medical data.]

    (Text on screen: Health and safety.)

    [Background changes to a top down view of a forest filled with green pine trees.]

    (Text on screen: Resource management and low carbon economy.)

    [Background changes to show a harbour at night, a large cargo ship maneuvers to leave.]

    (Text on screen: Transportation safety.)

    [Background changes to video of a Haida Qwaii totem pole in the forest (Text on screen: Transportation safety.)]

    (Text on screen: Cultural Heritage and preservation.)

    [Return to white background with purple graphic elements of science and Canada.]

    (Text on screen: World-class, Collaborative, accessible, and environmentally sustainable.)

    [Images of two light bulbs appear on either side of the words lighting up.]

    (Text on screen: Laboratories Canada will strengthen science excellence, inspire tomorrow’s discovery.)

    [Background changes to a tiled mosaic of diverse people smiling at camera.]

    (Text on screen: And benefit all Canadians.)

    [Background and words fade away to reveal white background]

    (Text on screen: Laboratories Canada.)

    (Music Stops)

    (Government of Canada federal identification logo)

    (Government of Canada federal identification logo with flag.)



Four pillars of Laboratories Canada

Four pillars of Laboratories Canada

Learn about the four pillars that support the 25-year strategy.

Phase 1 - Science hubs

Phase 1 - Science hubs

Learn about the five science hubs that will support science program synergies.

Long Term Vision and Plan

Long Term Vision and Plan

Learn how the Long Term Vision and Plan is guiding this transformative, long-term strategy.



Annual Report

Laboratories Canada was given the ambitious mandate to work with federal scientists and researchers to create together a national network of modern, multipurpose, scientific infrastructure. Our goal is to further the federal scientific community’s engagement in world-class, multidisciplinary research and innovation.

Learn how Public Services and Procurement Canada is laying the groundwork for concrete action.



About Laboratories Canada

Laboratories Canada is a 25-year strategy that will deliver on its vision to strengthen federal science in Canada. Budget 2018 launched the first phase of this strategy with an investment of $2.8 billion to support federal scientists with the important work they do for Canada.

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