NCP Funded Projects (2016-2017)

There are 53 projects funded under the Northern Contaminants Program for the 2016-2017 year, with allocated funding support of roughly $4.1 million. These projects were subject to a comprehensive technical, peer, and northern social/cultural review process. This process ensures that each project supports the priorities and objectives of the Northern Contaminants Program, as outlined in the NCP blueprints and annual call for proposals. Consultation with northern community authorities and/or Indigenous organizations is required for all projects involving field work in the North and/or analyses of samples.

Human health
ProjectProject leaderFunding Awarded
Development of Blood Guidance Values for Persistent Organic Pollutants for the Canadian Arctic (Year 3)L. Chan$253,288
Do country food nutrients protect against mercury toxicity and cardiometabolic diseases? Integrating data from cutting-edge science and mobilizing knowledge towards Nunavimmiut health (year 3)P. Ayotte$46,000
Exposure to food chain contaminants in Nunavik: evaluating spatial and time trends among pregnant women & implementing effective health communication for healthy pregnancies and children (Year 1 of 3)M. Lemire
P. Ayotte
C. Furgal
C. Pirkle
Quantifying the Effect of Transient and Permanent Dietary Transitions in the North on Human Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants and MercuryF. Wania
M. Curren
Genetic polymorphisms to improve interpretation of contaminant exposure and risk in InuitN. Basu
L. Chan
P. Ayotte
Contaminant biomonitoring in the Northwest Territories: Investigating the links between contaminant exposure, nutritional status, and country food useB. Laird$33,925



Community based monitoring and research
ProjectProject leaderFunding Awarded
Variable fish mercury concentrations in the Dehcho: Effects of catchment control and invertebrate community compositionDr. H. Swanson
G. Low
Community-Based Monitoring of Arctic Char in Nunatsiavut: Increasing Capacity, Building KnowledgeR. Laing$29,750
Tcho Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Program (TAEMP)J. Pellissey$72,911
Enhancing community-based monitoring of ecosystem changes in the ISR through the bridging of western scientific knowledge with local and traditional ecological knowledgeV. Gillman
L. Murray
L. Loseto
S. Ostertag
An East Hudson Bay Network research initiative on regional metal accumulation in the marine food webJ. Heath
J. Chételat
Mercury in Seaweed and Lichens from the Home Range of the Qamanirjuaq CaribouM. Gamberg$49,956



Environmental monitoring and research
Project TitleProject leaderFunding Awarded
Northern Contaminants Air Monitoring: Organic Pollutant MeasurementsH. Hung $52,383
Mercury Measurements at Alert and Little Fox Lake 2016-17A. Steffen$72,445
Temporal trends of persistent organic pollutants and metals in ringed seals from the Canadian ArcticM. Houde
D. Muir
Temporal and Spatial Trends of Legacy and Emerging Organic and Metal/Elemental Contaminants in Canadian Polar BearsR. Letcher $35,090
Update on Mercury Levels in Hendrickson Island and Sanikiluaq BelugaG. Stern
L. Loseto
Temporal Trends of Contaminants in Arctic Seabird EggsB. Braune$12,930
Temporal trends and spatial variations in mercury in sea-run Arctic char from Cambridge Bay, NunavutM. Evans
D. Muir
Temporal Trends of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Mercury in Landlocked char in High Arctic LakesD. Muir
G. Köck
J. Kirk
X. Wang
Spatial and long-term trends in persistent organic contaminants and metals in Lake Trout and Burbot from the Northwest TerritoriesM. Evans
D. Muir
Temporal trend studies of trace metals and halogenated organic contaminants (HOCs), including new and emerging persistent compounds, in Mackenzie River burbot, Fort Good Hope, NWT.G. Stern$29,852
Trace Metals and Organohalogen Contaminants in Fish from Selected Yukon Lakes: A Temporal and Spatial StudyG. Stern
M. Gamberg
Arctic Caribou Contaminant Monitoring ProgramM. Gamberg$18,678
Community-based seawater monitoring for organic contaminants and mercury in the Canadian Arctic J. Kirk
A. De Silva
D. Muir
R. Lohmann
P. Amarualik
Investigation of the toxic effects of mercury in landlocked Arctic CharN. Basu$76,680
Impact of climate change on the mobilization and bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in arctic freshwater systemsA. Cabrerizo
A. De Silva
D. Muir
Climate change, contaminants, ecotoxicology: interactions in Arctic seabirds at their southern range limitsK. Elliott
K. Fernie
Plastics as a vector of contaminants in Arctic seabirdsDr. M. Mallory
Dr. J. Provencher
Assessing Persistent Organic Pollutants in Canadian Arctic Air and Water as an Entry Point into the Arctic Food ChainL. Jantunen$75,913
The effect of retrogressive thaw slumps on the delivery of high loads of toxic methylmercury to downstream freshwater systems in the Peel Plateau region, NTDr. S. Tank
Dr. V. St. Louis
Glacier and soil/permafrost thaw inputs of mercury and emerging organic contaminants to a pristine high Arctic watershed in Quttinirpaaq National Park, northern Ellesmere Island, NunavutDr. V. St. Louis
Dr. D. Muir
Dr. I. Lehnherr
K. St-Pierre
Sources of methylmercury, perfluoroalkyl substances, and polychlorinated biphenyls to ringed seal food webs of Lake Melville, Northern LabradorJ. Kirk$11,259
Metabolomic consequences of elevated PCB exposure in ringed seals (Pusa hispida) in Labrador: an expanded toxicological repertoire to characterize health impactsT. Brown
J. Cosgrove



Communications, capacity, and outreach
Project TitleProject leaderFunding Awarded
Yukon Contaminants Committee (YCC)E. Sedlack$35,500
Northwest Territories Regional Contaminants Committee (NWTRCC) T. Heron
S. O'Hara
E. Pike
C. Bessette
Nunavut Environmental Contaminants Committee (NECC)J. Allen
A. Dunford
Nunavik Nutrition and Health Committee: Coordinating and Learning from Contaminants Research in NunavikDr. F. Bouchard $38,990
Coordination, Participation and Communication: Evolving Inuit Research Advisor Responsibilities in Nunatsiavut for the Benefit of Inuit and their CommunitiesC. Pamak$43,700
NCP Communications, Capacity and Outreach Products for Policy Makers and Inuvialuit Communities in the ISRS. O'Hara$23,750
Nunavik Inuit Research Advisor: Building Health and Environment
Research Capacity in the Nunavik Region
M. Qisiiq
M. Nashak
Wildlife Contaminants Workshop – linking wildlife and human health through a hands-on workshopJ. Shirley
J. Carpenter
M. Gamberg
J. Provencher
Learning about Ringed Seal Health from Contaminants Science and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: An Educational Workshop in Resolute, NunavutD. Henri
M. Houde
J. Provencher



Program coordination and Aboriginal partnerships
Project TitleProject leaderFunding Awarded
National Coordination and Administration of the Northern Contaminants Program, and Facilitation of International Action related to the Long-range Transport of Contaminants into the Arctic S. Kalhok Bourque
J. Stow
Council of Yukon First Nations Participation in the Northern Contaminants ProgramB. Van Dijken
J. Macdonald
Dene Nation participation in the national NCP Management Steering Committee and Northwest Territories Regional Contaminants Committee (NWTRCC)T. Teed$210,000
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami National CoordinationE. Loring$97,000
Inuit Circumpolar Council – Canada: Activities in Support of Circumpolar and Global Contaminant Instruments and ActivitiesT. Sheldon$156,400



GRAND TOTAL: $4,146,309