NCP Subprograms

The NCP meets the challenges of monitoring and research related to Arctic contaminants through five subprograms:

  • Human Health
  • Environmental Monitoring and Research
  • Community-Based Monitoring and Research
  • Communications, Capacity and Outreach
  • Program Coordination and Indigenous Partnerships

These subprograms are designed to be complementary; therefore, projects that link two or more subprograms are encouraged. For example, dietary exposure assessments carried out under the Human Health subprogram can make use of samples and data generated by the Environmental Monitoring and Research subprogram; Environmental Monitoring and Research projects can benefit from local knowledge gathered through the Community-Based Monitoring and Research subprogram; these in turn can contribute to projects under the Communications, Capacity and Outreach subprogram to help communicate scientific results better.

Blueprints - Strategic Long-Term Plans for NCP Subprograms

Four of the five subprograms are guided by a series of strategic long-term plans called Blueprints, and the other utilizes a guidance document for strategic overview; these are reviewed and updated annually using results from research carried out during the previous year. The Blueprints remain living documents and will evolve as some research questions are answered and new issues or research questions come forward. Applicants for funding must consult the Blueprints when preparing their proposals and ensure that they meet the key priorities outlined therein. During the proposal review process, reviewers will use the Blueprints to assess the relevance of a given proposal to the NCP.