Expert Group on Modelling Approaches

Objective: review modelling approaches to predict and manage disease spread, and identify hot spots in provinces and territories, as well as recovery strategies, data accessibility and data gaps. The Committee is co-chaired by Chief Science Advisor of Canada, Mona Nemer, and the Deputy Minister of Health Canada, Stephen Lucas.

Membership list:
  • Nicole Basta, McGill University
  • Caroline Colijn, Simon Fraser University
  • Dan Coombs, University of British Columbia
  • Jonathan Dushoff, McMaster University
  • David Earn, McMaster University
  • David Fisman, University of Toronto
  • Seyed Moghadas, York University
  • Nick Ogden, Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Ashleigh Tuite, University of Toronto
  • Jianhong Wu, York University