Open Software
SBDA Title Description Link
N/A Directory of scientists and research professionals Find out more about scientists and research professionals from the Government of Canada Directory of scientists and research professionals
N/A OS MOOC This MOOC is designed to help equip students and researchers with the skills they need to excel in a modern research environment. It brings together the efforts and resources of hundreds of researchers and practitioners who have all dedicated their time and experience to create a community to help propel research forward. Open Science MOOC
N/A The Open Data Handbook Guides, case studies and resources for government & civil society on the "what, why & how" of open data. Open Data Handbook
N/A Open Government Licence Implementation Guidelines - Canada The objective of these guidelines is to provide context about the Open Government Licence, with specific instructions for each clause and recommendations on how to adopt the licence. The guidelines also include a template of the full licence text. This will make it easier to convert to a web presentation should that be required. Open Government Licence - Canada
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Agricultural applications and software Maps and interactive tools showing climate and soil information. Agricultural applications and software