Research Security Training Courses

The Government of Canada has developed three publicly available courses to better equip Canadian researchers with the knowledge and resources to protect their research. To enroll in these courses, sign-up to ISED Learning platform using one of our secure access option. The GCKey option is available to any user, Canadian or international. Each course has a duration of approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Click the links below to enroll and access the courses.

Introduction to Research Security

Canada’s world-leading research is generated through open and collaborative processes that benefit all Canadians. As a result of its excellence, Canadian research and innovation can be targeted by those who will go to any means to access, steal, and benefit from this research. This course will focus on introducing learners to why research security matters and some core competencies that will help them further understand why researchers and their work benefit from an enhanced understanding of research security.

It is recommended that users begin with this course, before advancing to Cyber Security for Researchers.

Cyber Security for Researchers

Efforts to safeguard Canada’s sensitive research includes an understanding of what cyber security measures should be put in place and followed by frontline researchers and academic administrators. This course will provide participants with an overview of the cyber threat environment, offer advice on good cyber hygiene practices, and provide cyber security related resources currently available to frontline researchers and academic administrators. The course will help empower and equip participants with basic cyber security knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions about potential cyber security related issues. It will also help those involved in research recognize the systems and practices that must be in place to ensure the safe handling, storing, and transmitting of sensitive research and results.

It is recommended that users start with Introduction to Research Security before beginning this course.

Safeguarding Research Partnerships with Open Source Due Diligence

A robust research ecosystem conducive to discovery requires an open and collaborative research environment that leverages mutually beneficial partnerships. Open source due diligence methods bring focus and intent to online research and discovery. They help build a structured approach to finding and interpreting information to make important decisions. This course will introduce participants to open source due diligence methods and how to verify that partners are who they say they are; confirm their motivations are clear; and ensure no obvious sources of unwanted control or influence.

It is recommended that users start with Introduction to Research Security before beginning this course.