Why safeguard your research?

Open and collaborative research environments are essential to propel creativity and advance research discoveries. This amazing work puts Canada at the forefront of discovery on the world stage and benefits Canada's entire society and each citizen.

Due to its advanced nature, Canadian-led research can be an attractive target for those seeking to steal, use, and adapt this research for their own priorities and gains. In some scenarios, research could lead to advancements in the strategic, military, or intelligence capabilities of other countries or be used to purposefully cause harm.

For these reasons, it is important for you to assess and clarify the intentions of your research partners and to take reasonable and risk-based measures to safeguard your research. By safeguarding your research, personnel, and innovations, you are ensuring that they are not used or exploited in ways in which you are unaware of or do not benefit from.

Potential consequences of theft or unintended use of your research findings include:

  1. Diminished trust and confidence in your research data and results
  2. Loss of research data
  3. Loss of exclusive control over intellectual property, patent opportunities, and potential revenue
  4. Legal or administrative consequences
  5. Loss of potential future partnerships
  6. Tarnished reputation

While openness and collaboration are the cornerstone of discovery, vigilance can prevent costly loss. You and your research team can take many simple actions or precautions to ensure that the benefits of your hard work stay with those who deserve them.

This website can help you put together an effective plan on how to protect your valuable work by:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Helping you to evaluate risk
  • Offering guidance and tools to safeguard your research
  • Hosting tools needed to apply/implement the Government of Canada’s National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships
  • Linking to unique learning opportunities and resources
  • Providing contact information if you have further questions