Export Controls

In some research areas and activities, there may be Canadian laws and regulations to be complied with when conducting research and exports.

The physical export of goods, as well as the disposal or disclosure by any means (i.e., transfer) of technical data, technical assistance, and information necessary for the development, production, or use of an item included in the Export Control List from a place in Canada to a place outside Canada, is subject to the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) and requires an export permit (exceptions do exist for many items to the United States).

Exports can include the return of loaned equipment, repairs of equipment, exchanges of samples and specimens, as well as transfers of instructions, test results, and preliminary findings. Intangible transfers of software and technology such as through e-mail or the cloud are also subject to requirements of the EIPA.

If your research partnership or collaboration is subject to export controls, familiarize yourself with your obligations under the EIPA. The Export and Brokering Controls Handbook and A Guide to Canada's Export Control List provide practical information about the administration of Canada’s export controls. Annex A of the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships lists research areas that can also be subject to the EIPA. Completing the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships’ Risk Assessment Form does not exempt you from your export controls obligations.

Recognizing that elements of research projects may change with time and that laws and regulations can also evolve, it is your responsibility to stay abreast of changes to the EIPA and associated regulations. Your research activities may be subject to export control obligations controlled under other laws or regulations.

Contact Global Affairs Canada to obtain more information on export controls.

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