130. Canadian Mineral Deposits (1984)

Canadian Mineral Deposits

The Geological Survey of Canada was established in 1842 with the mission to identify and assess the mineral resources of the Province of Canada. Coal was of special interest, as it was needed to fuel industrial development in the fledgling colony.

Mineral exploration involves looking for materials that are present in sufficient quantities to make mining them profitable. The Survey’s mineral exploration work is rooted in its extensive knowledge of Canada’s geology. Survey scientists, using increasingly more sophisticated technology, develop new concepts and mineral exploration guides to support Canada’s mining industry.

In 1984 and again in 1995, the Survey published comprehensive compilations of what was known about the geology of the various types of mineral deposits in Canada. The most recent, edited by Survey scientist Wayne Goodfellow, was published by the Geological Association of Canada in 2007. A massive volume of over 1000 pages, it provides the latest knowledge about the geology of mineral deposits based on the work of both Survey researchers and external specialists. Four accompanying DVDs provide a digital version of the text, photos, diagrams, tables, as well as the databases. All three works are indispensable references for students and professionals in mineral exploration.

Category: Publications

Decade: 1980s


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