160. Geoscape Posters (1996)

Geoscape Posters

In 1996, the Geological Survey of Canada published Geoscape Vancouver: Living with our Geological Landscape. It was the brainchild of two geologists in the Survey’s Vancouver office, Bob Turner and John Clague, who were passionate about bringing geological information to the public and improving national geoliteracy. Geoscape Vancouver proved so successful that it spawned a series of posters covering 14 other metropolitan centres and regions across Canada. A national Geoscape poster rounded out the series.

The goal of the Geoscape project was to provide Canadians with better access to geological information relevant to where they lived through attractive, image-rich posters. Local teams of geoscientists and educators pulled the information together, ensuring that the science was accurate and that the information provided met educational needs.

The full-colour posters were free to download, and teachers could order print copies from Survey offices at no charge. Each of the Geoscape posters has an extensive suite of online educational materials. Teachers love the concept, and Geoscape products are still in use in classrooms across Canada. The Canadian Geoscience Education Network was so impressed with the Geoscape series that it has the entire series posted on its website: http://www.cgenarchive.org/geoscape.html

Category: Publications

Decade: 1990s


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