166. Geophysical Data Repository (2005)

Geophysical Data Repository

The Geological Survey of Canada has collected and acquired geophysical data over much of Canada. These data provide information on the physical properties of the underlying bedrock and surficial materials, and assist in geological mapping and in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.

These data can be found and downloaded at no cost through the Geoscience Data Repository for Geophysical Data. It includes aeromagnetic, radiometric, electromagnetic, gravity, and borehole geophysical data, as well as physical rock property data.

Users of the data repository have downloaded more than 10,000 datasets each year since it came online in 2005. It improves accessibility, delivery, and integration of these essential exploration data for resource development, giving Canada a competitive advantage in attracting resource exploration investment.

Access is provided to clients through a web browser application at: https://geophysical-data.canada.ca/Portal/Search.

Category: Publications

Decade: 2000s

GSC 175 - CGC 175