169. Geological Map of the Arctic (2011)

Geological Map of the Arctic

In 2011, the Geological Survey of Canada published a circular Geological Map of the Arctic that represents the combined efforts of more than 50 geologists and technical staff from the geological surveys of the eight circumpolar nations.

The map provides a unique North-Pole-centric view of the Arctic lands and offshore regions of the circumpolar nations. The organization of the close to 1200 geological units depicted on the map is based on the geological time scale, and on 27 rock compositions (6 extrusive, 8 intrusive, 8 sedimentary, and 5 others). The map also captures environments of formation and degrees of metamorphism. Planar features include active and extinct spreading ridges, and faults of various types. Point data include 33 impact structures, 169 volcanoes, 231 diapirs of salt or shale, and 631 kimberlite rocks – some containing commercial diamonds.

The map provides an overview of the geology of the Arctic, and is the latest attempt to understand the building blocks that make up the bedrock of Earth north of latitude 60. It also illustrates the effectiveness of international cooperation to produce large scientific products of significant general value.

Category: Maps

Decade: 2010s

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