20. "Geology of Canada" (1863)

Geology of Canada

The Geology of Canada, published in 1863, was one of the most important accomplishments of the Geological Survey of Canada since its founding in 1842 (the book’s full title is Report of Progress from its Commencement to 1863). It was also a clear reflection of the talents and dedication of the small cadre of geologists that William Logan hired and inspired in their work to chart the geology and resources of Canada. It was co-authored by Logan, Alexander Murray, Thomas Sterry Hunt, and Elkanah Billings.

The 983-page Geology of Canada recorded everything known about Canadian geology, and it was acclaimed both at home and abroad for its content, style and accuracy. Sir William Dawson, Principal of McGill University and a leading Canadian geologist, summed up its contribution to Canada in a Toronto newspaper. He wrote, “The value of this work to Canada can scarcely be over-estimated…. The practical man has all that is known of what our country produces in every description of mineral wealth; and has thus a reliable guide to mining enterprise, and a protection against imposture.”

Category: Publications

Decade: 1860s


Logan, W.E., Murray, A., Hunt, T.S., and Billings, E., 1863. Geology of Canada. Report of Progress from its Commencement to 1863; Geological Survey of Canada, 983 p. [accompanied by an Atlas of Maps and Sections.] doi:10.4095/123563

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