60. The Survey's Bestseller (1930)

The Survey’s Bestseller

Of the thousands of publications issued by the Geological Survey of Canada over its long history, the most in demand has been Prospecting in Canada. First published in 1930 as part of the Economic Geology Series, its authorship was a group effort attributed to “Officers of the Geological Survey, Ottawa.” Several Survey geologists had contributed to six chapters on general geology, the geology of Canada and ore deposits, as well as prospecting techniques. It was everything a prospector needed as a guide. The volume ran to 288 pages, with 23 plates and 25 figures. The second edition, identical to the first, was published in 1935.

The third edition appeared in 1956 under the sole authorship of Survey geologist Arthur Lang. Completely rewritten, Prospecting in Canada had grown to 401 pages with 74 plates and 23 figures. Within ten years of publication, three reprints were required to satisfy demand.

In 1970, a fourth edition, also written by Lang, appeared in a hardcover, with 308 pages and including 87 plates and 40 figures. It was reprinted in 1972 and again in 1975, with a French translation released in 1976. As of 2016, a digital version is in preparation.

Category: Publications

Decade: 1930s

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