88. "Rocks and Minerals for the Collector" Series (1963)

'Rocks and Minerals for the Collector' Series

In the1960s, Geological Survey of Canada mineralogist Ann Sabina was tasked with developing guidebooks on rock and mineral collecting in Canada to address the growing public interest in geology. The result was an enduring Survey classic.

Sabina conducted her first fieldwork for the project in July 1962 resulting, in 1963, in the publication of Rocks and Minerals for the Collector, Sudbury to Winnipeg. This book provided a description of mineral collecting localities along the route, and Sabina had studied each one. It proved so popular with the public that Sabina researched and prepared 14 additional volumes covering different routes across Canada.

The series shaped Sabina’s 63-year-long career. She became the Survey’s ambassador to Canada’s rock and mineral collecting community, and, in the 1980s, she began to revise and update the guidebooks. Her 1991 revision of the first guidebook saw it more than triple in size.

In 1964, Sabina, using existing literature, developed three volumes in the series Rock and Mineral Collecting in Canada, which covered mineral localities in different regions of Canada. Another popular Sabina publication Information for Collectors provided up to date information about mineral shows and clubs.

Category: Publications

Decade: 1960s

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