99. Groundwater Publications (1967)

Groundwater Publications 1
Groundwater Publications 1

During the 20th century, Canadian scientists made fundamental contributions to the development of groundwater sciences by documenting and assessing our groundwater resources.

In 1967, the Geological Survey of Canada published a milestone report that provided a synthesis of available scientific knowledge of Canada’s groundwater resources. Twenty years later, in view of economic development issues and increasing demands from water users, the scientific community identified major knowledge gaps in our understanding of groundwater that needed to be addressed.

The Survey focussed its research priorities on basic questions such as how much groundwater we have, how and where it is stored, and how it moves through the ground. It initiated the assessment of 30 key Canadian aquifers and produced hydrogeological atlases that allowed a better understanding of groundwater by answering these questions. 

In 2014, the Survey published another milestone report on Canada’s groundwater resources. Titled Canada’s Groundwater Resources, this book provides a global picture about this important natural resource that is needed for our environmental, social, and economic survival.

Category: Publications

Decade: 1960s


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