Reading List


Reading the Rocks: The Story of the Geological Survey of Canada 1842-1972 by Morris Zaslow, The Macmillan Company of Canada Ltd., Toronto, 1975. The definitive history of the Geological Survey of Canada from its founding to 1972, written by one of Canada’s pre-eminent historians.

No Stone Unturned: The First 150 Years of the Geological Survey of Canada by Christy Vodden, Minister of Supply and Services, Ottawa, 1992. A short popular history of the Survey written for the Survey’s 150th anniversary in 1992.

A World Inside: A 150-Year History of the Canadian Museum of Civilization by Christy Vodden and Ian Dyck, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, 2006. The role of the Geological Survey of Canada in the development of Canada’s national museums.

Reminiscences among the rocks in connection with the Geological Survey of Canada by Thomas Chesmer Weston, Warwick Bro’s & Rutter, Toronto, 1899. A personal account of the Survey from the 1850s to the 1890s. Available online at

The Heavens Above and the Earth Beneath by John Hodgson, GSC Open File 1945, 1989. A history of the Dominion Observatory.

Early Canada compiled by Edward Hall, GSC Miscellaneous Report 14, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources 1967. Historic photographs from the Survey archive.

Encounters: Early Images of Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples From the Library Collections of the Geological Survey of Canada, John A. Stevens, General Store Publishing, 1996.

Inventing Canada: Early Victorian Science and the Idea of a Transcontinental Nation, Suzanne Zeller, University of Toronto Press, 1987.


Four Billion Years and counting: Canada’s Geological Heritage edited by Robert Fensome, Graham Williams, Aicha Aichab, John Clague, David Corrigan, Jim Monger, and Godfrey Nowlan, G., Nimbus Publishing, 2014. A comprehensive look at the geology of Canada, covering basic geological concepts, as well as the impact of geology and the issues linked to it that affect our lives.

Notable People

Sir William Edmond Logan

William E. Logan’s 1845 Survey of the Upper Ottawa Valley by Charles Smith and Ian Dyck C.H, Mercury Series, History Paper 54, Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2007.

Written in Stone: William E. Logan and the Geological Survey of Canada

George Mercer Dawson

Beneath my Feet: The Memoirs of George Mercer Dawson by Phil Jenkins, McClellan & Stewart Ltd., Toronto, 2007.

Albert P. Low

Paddling the boreal forest – Rediscovering A. P. Low by Max Finkelstein and James Stone, Dundurn Press, 2004.

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