Phase 1 science hubs

As part of Phase 1 of the 25-year Laboratories Canada strategy, science-based departments and agencies (SBDAs) have come together to collaborate on science priority areas. Together, these groups, known as science hubs, are exploring opportunities to strengthen their research through enhanced interdisciplinary work, collaboration, and shared facilities and equipment.

These science hubs bring together federal and external partners to address key priorities in health and safety, security and regulation, resource management and a low-carbon economy, transportation safety, as well as cultural heritage and preservation.

Science hubs: Regulatory and Security Science, Cultural Heritage Science, TerraCanada, Transportation Safety and Technology Science, Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre

Discover the science hubs

Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre (ASEC)
Science hub focused on improving sustainability of Atlantic fresh and coastal saltwater resources.

Cultural Heritage Science (CHS)
Science hub focused on the science of preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

Regulatory and Security Science (RSS)
Science hub focused on protecting Canada’s people, animals and plants, as well as advancing innovation and economic growth.

TerraCanada Science and Innovation (TerraCanada)
Science hub focused on sustainable land and resource development, a low-carbon economy, and the safety and health of Canadians.

Transportation Safety and Technology Science (TSTS)
Science hub focused on assessing and reducing transportation safety risks for Canadians.