ORCA 2018 – April 24-25 2018. Ottawa, Ontario


ORCA 2018 – Creating a Culture of Successful Collaboration – Summary Report

ORCA 2018

April 24-25, Shaw Centre, Ottawa

Creating a Culture of Successful Collaboration

“It’s not enough to shelve your own competitive streak. You have to try, consciously, to help others succeed.”
Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

The Ocean Research in Canada Alliance (ORCA) is a new initiative in its formative stages. Key ocean science and technology (S&T) challenges, policy proposals, barriers to progress, and solutions were identified in a report issued in 2017. ORCA 2018 addresses these challenges and opportunities by facilitating knowledge exchange and outcome-oriented sessions focused on action to drive collaboration. The goal of ORCA 2018 is to bring Canada’s ocean S&T community together to align its efforts, to collaborate, and to improve the coordination of our collective efforts.

Attendees from the diverse oceans S&T sector will:

  • Share ideas and knowledge;
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration;
  • Participate in cross-sectoral dialogue to resolve issues related to oceans S&T;
  • Discuss, plan and co-ordinate tangible initiatives to advance oceans S&T;
  • Coordinate and leverage oceans research funding and related research and technology efforts;
  • Provide operational and informed insight to benefit Canada’s oceans priorities and policies.

Just a few of the questions attendees will address…

  • How do we improve Canada’s capacity to perform science at sea?
  • How do we increase public awareness about the importance of healthy oceans?
  • How do we strengthen the linkages in the ocean science innovation sector?

Attendees from the full breadth of Canada’s diverse ocean S&T community are welcome. If your research, scientific, technical or traditional occupation focuses on ocean S&T, you should consider participating in ORCA 2018. It’s open to all members of the ocean-focused S&T community, from those whose work is in earth observation of phytoplankton, to benthic ecosystem studies or seabed mapping, and all the ocean topics in-between.