Federal Open Science Repository of Canada

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The Federal Open Science Repository of Canada is the Government of Canada’s open access portal for its scientific articles and publications. This web-based repository makes federally authored Canadian research open and freely available to all.

The repository lets users explore scientific research produced by federal scientists and researchers from participating Government of Canada departments and agencies, creating opportunities to further collaborate and accelerate discoveries.

Preserving and growing scientific knowledge

The portal enables a sustainable approach to open science by ensuring permanent preservation of scientific work.

Researchers benefit from posting scientific publications to the repository through increased usage, citations and credit for their work.

Promoting efficiency and collaboration

Bringing federal scientific research output together in a central repository creates opportunities for the scientific community and science-driven individuals to collaborate, share knowledge, reduce duplication and promote a culture of openness.

Setting the direction for Canada’s scientific research landscape

The repository will shape Canada’s scientific research landscape by connecting researchers across the country and abroad with the latest discoveries, leading to greater impact and reach of federally authored research.

Simplifying the search for federal research

Users can search for scientific publications and articles from participating departments and agencies by community, collection, title, author, date, or subject.

Making federal science open to all

The Government of Canada is committed to making federal science open to all. This is emphasized in the National Action Plan on Open Government and the Roadmap for Open Science, created to support and deliver solutions for the open science commitment.

We believe that federal research should be available to everyone. This is why we developed the Federal Open Science Repository of Canada and made it easy to access for all Canadians, at any time and from anywhere.

Contact us

To contact participating departments and agencies directly about specific publications, please visit the Contact us page. For general enquiries, please email FOSRC-DFSOC@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.