Science Misinformation

Science Misinformation

This webpage provides information on the importance of building citizen awareness of science misinformation and offers resources and initiatives that support the Government of Canada’s response to science and health-related misinformation.

The government recognizes that an understanding of science and critical thinking skills are important tools for all Canadians to have in order to support science literacy and help separate misinformation from facts.

The spread of misinformation through digital technologies and social media means the trend of science-related misinformation will continue to have serious social, economic and health consequences. While health-related misinformation became common as COVID-19 began, the trend of increasing science-related misinformation is expected to continue.

Online engagement on science and science related topics is best suited to an open Internet free from manipulation and misinformation. As such, the government is collaborating with partners, academics and organizations across Canada to address this challenge through building evidence, raising awareness and providing tools to help ensure that the benefits of science for society are welcomed.

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