Open Science

As an integral part of her mandate, the Chief Science Advisor of Canada acts as a champion and advocate for the Government of Canada’s commitment in making federal science more accessible to Canadians.

Open Science is the practice of sharing data, information, tools, and research results, and eliminating barriers to collaboration. Open science is a new way of doing science. It accelerates discovery by enabling others to build on previously validated research. This may translate to new and faster discoveries and treatments—and lives saved.

To advance open science, the Office of the Chief Science Advisor continually cooperates with federal departments, agencies, granting councils, and thought leaders throughout the public service and academia.

Below you will find content that supports and advances the steps in making federal science open to all.

Roadmap for Open Science (February 2020)

The Roadmap for Open Science corresponds with the Chief Science Advisor’s 2019 commitment to provide advice on the best way to make government-funded science accessible to all.

A Framework for Implementing Open-by-Default with Federal Government Science (January 2021)

This guidance document — one of a series of actions stemming from the Roadmap for Open Science —is intended to support scientists when releasing of federal research outputs, while presenting criteria on how to manage privacy, security, ethical considerations and appropriate intellectual property protection.

The Open Science Dialogues: Summary of stakeholders round tables (February 2022)

Open Science (also known as open scholarship) is the practice of making scientific inputs, outputs and processes freely available to all with minimal restrictions.

Canadian Publications on COVID-19

This page helps support the ongoing public health emergency response efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating access to numerous Canadian scientists' COVID-19 and coronavirus-related publications.